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Surgical Instruments

Neoplex, Tapered, 70cm
STERILE, Single Use

LC5008 08fg, Box of 5
LC5010 10fg, Box of 5
LC5012 12fg, Box of 5
LC5014 14fg, Box of 5
LC5016 16fg, Box of 5
LC5018 18fg, Box of 5
LC5020 20fg, Box of 5
LC5022 22fg, Box of 5
LC5024 24fg, Box of 5
LC5026 26fg, Box of 5
LC5028 28fg, Box of 5
LC5030 30fg, Single
LC5032 32fg, Single
LC5034 34fg, Single
LC5036 36fg, Single
LC5038 38fg, Single
LC5040 40fg, Single










If you have a specific enquiry for Endoscopic Surgical Products, please contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM +44(0)1527 559010, who would be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Alternatively, please complete the Enquiry Form shown, where we will give your request for information our full and prompt attention.



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