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Power Tools & Accessories

Exclusive UK distributors for BUSA® Surgical, they offer a comprehensive line of high-quality surgical Battery Operated Power Tools.

Designed and manufactured in the USA to very rigid specifications using high quality materials they are subjected to extensive engineering analysis and held to strenuous inspection programs to ensure outstanding performance outcomes.

BUSA's medical division has developed the BSPMAX™ II Large Bone Power System, the BSPMICRO™ Small Bone Power System and the BSPRAZR™ 100 High Speed Drill with a wide assortment of saw blades and burs.

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BSPMAX™ II – Large Bone Power System

The BSPMAX™ II by BUSA® Surgical Instrumentation is a high performance large bone battery powered system and is available in a modular drill / reamer and is ideal for use with our sagittal, oscillator, reciprocator and sternum saw blades.

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BUSA Large Bone Power System



BSPMICRO™ – Small Bone Pneumatic Power System

The BSPMICRO™ Small Bone Power System from BUSA® Surgical Instrumentation offers a wide range of drills and saws for a variety of surgical procedures.

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BUSA Small Bone Power


We have AREA SALES SPECIALISTS who are able to visit you on-site to DEMONSTRATE this range of products and also discuss your individual requirements.

To book a DEMONSTRATION, please contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM +44(0)1527 559010, alternatively, complete the Enquiry Form at the foot of the page.


Key Areas BUSA Surgical

• Orthopaedic Surgery

• Hand, Foot & Maxillo Facial Surgery



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